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Pest Control UK: Discovering a pest infestation in your house or business premises is a worrisome time for anyone, however you don't need to be concerned because there are a variety of specialist pest control services around UK that can help. The spread of disease and damage to property can turn into a huge problem if your troublesome pest infestation is not addressed efficiently, safely and swiftly. The instant a pest infestation is discovered you must contact a reputable and experienced pest control service who'll be able to offer services to get rid of rodents and other vermin, through to wasps, crawling insects and birds from your property.

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The number of households in the UK is constantly increasing, and it's unfortunate that this increases the prospects for objectionable insects and creatures making themselves at home on your property. As our community develops, so does the quantity of waste materials we produce, which subsequently attracts and feeds an increasing variety of insects, rodents and birds. The warmer summer months particularly attract more ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and flies, and advice for prevention can be sought, in addition to reliable deterrent methods to help stop these seasonal pests before they become more of a problem.

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The Most Common Pests in the UK

Whatever problem you may face from pests, you can be assured that a decent pest management service in the UK area will handle it safely, discreetly and efficiently. The 6 most common insects and vermin that you are likely to find in or around your home or office in the UK are:

Mice - The damage inflicted by mice on furniture, insulation, electrical cables and food packets, and their scavaging for food when they emerge from their hidey holes in wall cavities, cellars and lofts is one of the main issues faced by households and businesses in the UK. Mice can additionally spread disease for instance the Hantavirus, through their urine and droppings.

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Rats - Rats love to gnaw at electric cables and frequently cause an electrical fire by doing this. They are known to spread disease and can cause a huge amount of damage if left to their own devices. If you find droppings, frayed cables and gnaw marks in your property, it's clear evidence of rat activity.

Ants - A seasonal insect pest that makes its way into homes hunting for shelter and food. To find the origin of an ants nest look for dry, loose soil and scattered the remains of seed husks which is visible close to the nest entry point. If ants manage to build a nest inside your home or business it can create major issues.

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Cockroaches - Enjoying a dark, moist and warm habitat, the cockroach is a nocturnal insect. Cockroaches are sometimes found in wall cavities, kitchens and bathrooms and will breed very quickly if not dealt with.

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Wasps - Once wasps establish a nest within your property they can change from being a bit of a nuisance insect to a very painful problem if annoyed. Wasps prefer to establish their nests in sheltered locations, such as the loft, wall cavities or eaves of your house, as well as in trees and bushes in your garden. Now and again a wasp nest will be built in a sheltered underground space, such as a void beneath a paving slab.

Flies - Spread diseases and are renowned for causing food poisoning by cross contamination between waste and food. The most vulnerable areas to infestation by flies are those that are used for food preparation and waste disposal. Anywhere that you prepare food can be most at risk from the transmission of maggots and fly larvae unless cleaned after use.

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Both commercial buildings and domestic properties in the UK can be impacted by bird fouling, and the risks inherent to health that can occur. Seagulls and pigeons are the major culprits and with the upsurge in solar power use in the UK, their droppings and nesting can become something of an issue in exposed and hard to get at areas.

Many kinds of insects are attracted to bird nesting and roosting sites and create a secondary infestation that has to be resolved. There's a danger of further contamination to humans by the arrival of flies, ticks, bird mites and fleas that are drawn to the nesting areas of starlings, seagulls and pigeons.

Severe harm to human beings can be caused by numerous diseases which are present in pigeon droppings. To eliminate the hazards linked to pigeon excrement (Fowl, Cryptococcosis, Salmonella and Psittacosis) you'll need to find a resolution to remove the birds, or stop them from nesting on your property as soon as possible.

Choosing Your UK Pest Control Service

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Finding a pest control firm in the UK who can provide you with an appropriate solution, whatever the extent of your pest problem, will be a priority from the very start. Watch out for membership to a trade organisation, like the British Pest Control Association who only work with appropriately qualified and trained pest control technicians. Those UK companies that have been endorsed by the BPCA have to undertake a complete assessment and audit of their skills and expertise to provide a specialist pest control service at all levels.

An established UK pest control firm could possibly provide you with a general estimate on first discussion of your problem, but due to the many variables involved with the process, this may need to be re-addressed. After conducting a survey to look at the nature and severity of your pest issue and using the data obtained, they should be able to present you with a more reliable figure to treat and resolve your predicament.

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The kind of pest infestation, the quantity of pests, and the size of your premises will all influence the cost of treatment required. The type of pest control treatment that is needed and how many times it's got to be applied will also be added into the pricing structure. If the property is large and it is found that the pest infestation has occurred across numerous rooms and floors, this will affect the charges because of the amount of treatment needed.

The various approaches available to treat a pest control problem and ways to reduce further infestations should be discussed during the survey by the pest control firm to assist in stopping future pest problems. Fumigation of your property or disinfection by spray might be necessary depending on the problems discovered. These pest control methods must be executed by a specialist who's trained in the use of the required products and it could be a necessity that you briefly vacate your property while this is being completed.

Advice and Smaller Scale Pest Control Solutions

If you're positive that there's only a minimal pest problem, it can be sorted out by taking the advice of a specialist about how to cure and prevent your pest problems. They may furthermore be prepared to offer do-it-yourself strategies for lesser pest issues should you wish to overcome the problem yourself.

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Naturally do-it-yourself remedies, though effective, may not completely eliminate the pests around and within your home. In most cases, it is far better to get treatments and advice from a pest control professional in the UK, who not only has the know-how and experience, but can also provide guarantees for their services.

There are plenty of non-toxic traps and methods on the market for both do-it-yourself and professional treatments, and you can discuss these with your pest control specialist during the original survey. A DIY humane trap will capture vermin without harming them which then need to be taken to an area where you can safely release them without any chance of them infesting other householder's property or causing harm. If you feel this is not something you can do, it is preferable to engage the expert services of a reputable pest control company, who will follow all the safety issues and laws concerning trapping and removal of living animals from your property.

Equipment That is Need by a Pest Controller

To do all the tasks required of them UK pest controllers need to purchase a variety of specialist tools and equipment including disposable gloves, protective face masks, UV flashlights, cockroach and ant bait stations, fogging equipment, respirators, pressure sprayers, spray cleaners, disposable coveralls, visors, bee and wasp suits, foamers, dusters and termite baiting tools.

Pest control services are obviously not only accessible in UK itself, but additionally in nearby places such as Birmingham, Bristol, Wales, Belfast, Greater Manchester, Swansea, London, Liverpool, Scotland, England, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Northern Ireland, Cardiff, Sheffield, and elsewhere in the UK.

Day to Day Duties of a Pest Controller

  • Collecting dead animals for analysis
  • Mending areas to stop pests returning
  • Determining how pests are getting into a property
  • Searching for and identifying pests
  • Storing and handling chemicals
  • Removing dead or captured animals
  • Picking an approach to control
  • Advising folks on strategies to prevent future infestations
  • Setting traps or poisons or employing air guns to deal with birds and animals
  • Generating reports and maintaining records
  • Spraying pesticides to exterminate insects

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